Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking space?

There is plenty of space to park! Behind the school is another parking lot if there isnt space in front of the school.

Do I need to call before I want to record?

Yes you do, to make sure that when you want to record also aligns with when other people are recording.

Can the equipment be moved to do a recording somewhere else?

Unfortunately no, as we have our podcast studio setup to be in-school.

How do I get my audio after I'm done recording?

All you need is a USB drive (8GB or higher is recommended). We record all our audio channels in different files so if you have someone on Skype and you want to censor something, it can be done with ease. We also have backups of every recording if you accidently lose your recording.

Can I cancel my recording?

You need to cancel your recording session 24 hours in advance. If you do not you will still be charged as this prevents someone else from using that recording session.

Does everyone need to be in the studio to participate?

No; we do have Skype support so you can request people to be added in the recording.

How much does a recording session cost?

Call +1(860)-342-6769 for a quote to get an estimate on how much it would cost to rent our studio.