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Podcast Studio

Our podcast studio is professionally equipped, enabling the Town Tech program to host podcasts, as well as to teach students about podcast production.

We have a four-person studio with the following equipment:

  •  4 Shure SM7B Vocal Microphones

  •  4 Sennhiser HD Pro headphones

  •  2 Cloudlifter CL-2 Mic Activator

  •  A dedicated phone line for a remote or guest, through THAT-2 hybrid telephone interface

  •  Support for a remote host or guest via Skype

  •  Presonus 16x4x2 digital counsel

  •  Roland R-26 digital recorder

  •  Full multitrack backup recording to dedicated hard drive

  •  Audacity / Pro Tool editing software

  •  Talkback to all hosts and guests from the control room

  •  27' Intel i5 iMac with multiple DAW options for mixing and post production work 

Book Our Studio

If you would like to record your podcast in our professional studio, please contact David Kuzminski at 860-342-6769 or

Available wherever you

listen to podcasts!

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